Extra Butter x Reebok Pump AXT - “AHCHOO”

After recently celebrating their 4-Year Anniversary, Long Island boutique Extra Butter has introduced their brand new collaboration with Reebok. Cleverly playing on their shop name, Extra Butter applied a movie-inspired theme to the AXT Reebok Pump. The look is pulled from Mel Brooks’ 1993 parody film Robin Hood: Men in Tights and the character Ahchoo, played by comedian Dave Chappelle.

During a fight scene in the movie, Ahchoo famously calls a “time out” and informs the bad guys that he’s ran out of air before proceeding to pump up his Reeboks. The look of the shoe represents the color of the attire worn by Ahchoo in the film, while a premium build of micro-suede, pigskin and leather put them over the top.

Below is a look at the “Ahchoo” Pump AXT and a special video released by Extra Butter reenacting the famous fight scene. Stick with Sole Collector for future release updates. by Sole Collector

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